“…students were in awe…”

Our students were in awe of your artistic talent. I am writing at this time to confirm our desire to have you again next year.

Temple City High School

“The children were truly delighted.”

Thanks for a wonderful show today. The children were truly delighted. The emphasis on reading & peer resistance met our curricular needs. Looking forward to the show at Our Family Night.

Cerritos Elementary School

“I recommend them to any school.”

We had the privilege of having Sandee & Richard for an assembly. The show was not only entertaining but also very educational. I recommend them to any school.

Creekside Elementary School

“…[interacts] well with children of all ages…”

Sandee was hired by the school district to entertain the children last year. Because of her sense of humor and being able to interact well with children of all ages, the district hired her again this year.

Ontario-Montclair School District

“…total satisfaction…”

I wanted to express our total satisfaction with the educational yet entertaining reptile show you provided to our students. Your fun tropical shirts, silly science jokes, and “show biz” style worked for our middle school students. You have a friendly and approachable demeanor with both kids & adults. We were all impressed on how you coached and trained the students to safely pass around the animals.

Castle Park Middle School

“…very professional and family-appropriate…”

Thank you for a GREAT magic show for our PTA Family Night. The show was very professional and family-appropriate. You are not a fly-by-night organization but one that takes your work seriously. We will be contacting you again.

Gardenhill Elementary School

“… a most memorable event…”

I would like to thank you for the excellent talent you brought to our school. It was a real hit with the kids. Thank you for helping to make a most memorable event with our students. I only hope that you become a tradition in our school.

Laguna Beach High School

“…lively, spontaneous…”

You are lively, spontaneous and kept the crowd interested. Never a dull moment. The kids could not stay in their seats.

Wingland Elementary School

“…mesmerized & enthralled by the magic…”

The students were mesmerized & enthralled by the magic. You are very creative in the way your incorporated the highly important message of drug prevention with your show.

Rorimer Elementary School

“…your talents were marvelous…”

Thank you for a wonderful Magic Show. As usual, your talents were marvelous. Your reptiles show provided a unique educational experience for our students.

Cleminson Elementary School

“…[Bubble-Ology 101] was hilarious and educational…”

I love it! [Bubble-Ology 101] was hilarious and educational. I actually learned something from it.

Teen Volunteer, Norwood Library

“…the joy and wonder our students expressed after participating…”

I write this letter to share the joy and wonder our students expressed after participating in the assembly presented by Sandee the “Lizard Lady.” The program was part of their study of the rainforest and helped to bring the animals they had studied into their reality. Our students certainly developed a much more astute understanding of the rainforest and its animals from this rich experience. The subsequent discussion and writing experiences prove witness to this program.

Martin R. Heninger Elementary School

“…the students were enthralled…”

We had the privilege of seeing “Fantasy In Magic” show today. The students were enthralled with the magic. Students & adults enjoyed every minute of the show. Junior high students can be a hard audience to captivate and Sandee & Richard did just that.

Buena Park Junior High School

“…educational but entertaining…”

Thank you so much for performing at our school. Your show was not only educational but entertaining. Our students were very excited and the dialogue was very appropriate for the level of the students.

Salk Elementary School

“…kids won’t stop talking about it…”

Thank you so much for bringing all the wonderful reptiles & spiders for our assembly. The kids won’t stop talking about it. I look forward to seeing you both next year.

Shull Elementary School

“…Well informed while highly entertained…”

Thank you for a well received Assembly during out Red Ribbon Week. It was enjoyed by students & staff. The mixture of humor & magic balanced with many important messages. We were well informed while highly entertained.

Jones Elementary School PTA