Bully Show Videos

Today I got a call from a school who wanted to book our Bully Free Game Show Program.  After I had explained the entire show and format, they asked if we had any Bully Game Show Video on our web site.  This has been an issue more and more lately.  As I explained, If I were to post a video of the Bully Game Show, there would be 100’s of children’s faces in the scene.  EACH ONE would have to have a Parental Photo Release before I could use that clip.  Imagine the backlog of paperwork.  EACH SCHOOL would have to do permission slips. EACH PARENT would have to do the same.

The Reality of this problem is this.  Everybody wants to see video of our Bully shows.  Nobody wants to have their kids faces all over the internet in a video.  There are even privacy laws on the books that reference this issue specifically.  Imagine the problems that could arise from a mother searching for a School Assembly, and then Seeing HER CHILD in a promotional video.  Without her knowledge or consent, some entertainer used her Kids pictures in his promotional web site.

So whats the answer?

I am not really sure and I am open to suggestions.  Perhaps we can set up a low cost Bully assembly at YOUR school, and have a permission slip from each child in attendance to video them and use the footage in our promotional videos.  Maybe we can provide you a few names of Schools that we have done our Bully Free program in.  Nothing like talking to an unsolicited satisfied client to help you make your decision.

Whatever the BEST answer is for YOUR school, you can KNOW THIS.  We have been providing shows to schools since 1990.  Our company is fully insured and can name your school and school district as additional insured on our policy.  Because we choose to have a LIVE SCAN on all of our performers each year and have done so since BEFORE it was a requirement by the State of California, you can be assured that we are SAFE and REPUTABLE.  AND, we will do our best to do what takes to make sure that YOU are a SATISFIED client.

Give us a call and let’s talk!  949-496-6244